My photography belongs to a traditional kind, it's direct and deprived of special effects. It includes Formalism as well as Realism because often in my shots I attach importance to composition, to the armony of lines and shapes, while other times I try to seize the moment and to show humanist aspects of daily life. I’m happy when I can put together these features in a single photograph or build a story with a few images.


Totallyt self-taught, I began cultivating this passion as a young boy, thanks to my father’s camera. At twenty I went on with the first reflex cameras and with an amateur darkroom with which I learned the techniques of negative developement, of black and white printing and I ever emproved the knowledge of the photographic process, from shot to print.

I then gradually swithched to the digital workflow that nowadays lets me print color too. Thanks to the use of special pigment inks and cotton fiber paper I obtain high quality fine art prints.

I always favour blak and white, except those cases where colour can be appreciated for his gentleness and soft tones.


Should you want to contact me, write to: or fill in the form below, thankyou.