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Feeling the shutter click under your fingers, knowing you've just captured a memorable image is a pleasure that can lead to addiction. But that same image, and the emotions it stirs up, would soon be forgotten if it wasn't accurately printed. Good photographs should be turned into valuable objects, something that's worth keeping.

Geologist with a passion for photography, I began cultivating this hobby as a boy, thanks to my father’s camera, that I still maintain in working order to this day.

Completely self-taught, at twenty I went on with the first reflex cameras and with an amateur darkroom that allowed me to learn the techniques of negative development, black and white printing and to ever improve my skills in the photographic process, from composition to print.

In the years 2003 - 2007 I gradually switched to rangefinder cameras and to digital workflow, which today allows me to print in color too. Thanks to special pigment inks and cotton fiber paper I can get high quality fine art prints.

People love to browse photographs sitting comfortably and to share the emotions or the sense of beauty the author meant to convey. Admiring a large format print that has been conveniently framed is also a real pleasure.

My photography belongs to a traditional kind, considered close to being "Humanist". It's rather direct, deprived of any special effect and it gives importance to composition or to "seize the moment".

I think this kind of approach is best supported by black and white, except in those cases where color can be appreciated for his gentleness and soft tones. I find it harder to photograph Landscape, although sometimes I get lucky and the right light is there…

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